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Nantucket has some of the best fine dining on the East Coast. This feature keeps you up to date every issue with who’s who and what’s new.

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For decades, the restaurant at the very end of Straight Wharf was known as a casual seafood and burger shack. Back in the 1960s it was Susie’s Snack Bar, run by the Boyd family who served up clam rolls,...

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The Green

WE ALL KNOW THOSE COLD, DAMP, NANTUCKET WINTER MORNINGS, when the frigid wind blowing in from the North Atlantic chills your very marrow, and the gray sky stretching endlessly above affords little...

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Brick Bistro

As I climbed the massive stone steps leading to the historic Jared Coffin House hotel, I was just as skeptical as everyone else in town. The buzz about its new restaurant had been going on for several...

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The Magnificent 7

Boarding House

Erin Zircher

In her eighth season as chef de cuisine at The Boarding House, Erin Zircher has firmly established her reputation as one of the island’s top chefs, and one of the few women...

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Crazy About Pazzo

“I love this business. I love making people happy, I love creating a space where people can get together and enjoy good food, great wine and have some fun. That is what I enjoy doing,” said Coelho, whose...

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Wild Things

When ISLAND CHEFS describe their cuisine, they often say, “We only use the freshest ingredients available.” There are, however, a number of chefs who stretch this philosophy a bit further whenever...

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John Keane has another hit with the latest in his trilogy of restaurants.

Chef Neil Patrick Hudson loves Nantucket. He hopes to retire here when his cooking career is over. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t...

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Classic Club Car

Think of a restaurant on Nantucket that speaks to the timelessness of classic cuisine, continental-style dining and Old World mannerisms, and The Club Car immediately comes to mind.

Steps off the...

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Living The American Dream

It’s early evening and Marco Coelho is already dancing between platters of exquisite sushi rolls and mouth-watering burgers in foie gras dipping sauce to exchange hugs with Lo La 41’s faithful patrons. more


Simple. Contemporary. Elegant. Walking through Dune, the restaurant he opened in the former Cioppino’s space on Broad Street April 3, Michael Getter uses these words more than once – nearly a dozen times,...

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