DRINK Spring! -April/May 2013

by: Holly Finigan

photography by: Nicole Harnishfeger


Spring cleaning has begun and we’re all ready to dust off those flip-flops and think about the warmer days ahead. What better way to do so than by toasting spring with a cocktail from one of the island’s favorite year-round bars.


Strawberries and champagne go together like peanut butter and jelly. But add St. Germain and muddled fresh mint to strawberries and prosecco and you’ve got a concoction that you’ll be wanting again and again. Welcome Ivey’s Poison, which is not only the most requested cocktail at Dune, but beau- tiful and dangerous– just like the name!

St. Germain, a sweet liquor made from Alpine elderflowers, has been a popular brand on cocktail lists over the past few years. While many people might like just a touch of St. Germain added to their bubbles, Dune took it to the next level. The drink begins by muddling mint and strawberries, then adding ice and St. Germain. After a hard shake, the ingredients are put into a snifter, finished with a healthy pour of prosecco and voila!


Perusing through a Moroccan cookbook, Lola bartenders found a recipe for a spicy Bloody Mary and decided it would be an ideal addition to their daytime cocktail list and fit in with their theme of food and drink emanating from countries in the 41-degree latitude. Using the North African spice Harissa turned into a paste, this Bloody Mary mix is smokier and packs elegant heat. Fresh tomatoes are used along with traditional ingredients, with each batch tasted to perfection. Poured atop Ketel One vodka, shaken and garnished with an olive, onion, lemon and lime, many say this is an excellent complement to Lola’s signature burger called the “best burger on the planet.”


While Pi Pizzeria might best be known for its Chianti and Peroni more than its tequila, bartender John Burdock decided it was time to shake up the cocktail list for spring and add his favorite spirit: Silver tequila. Enter the Argento, meaning “silver” in Italian and the newest martini on the Pi menu.

This Mex-Italian drink combines Espolon tequila, Aperol, agave nectar and fresh egg whites to create a slightly bittersweet, frothy martini. The result is a tasty sipping drink. The peppery tequila is complemented by a touch of sweetness from the agave, while the Aperol, an Italian aperitif with blood orange and rhubarb flavors, gives it a slight bitterness. The Argento is finished with an orange twist and a foam topping from the egg white.

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